Framing the Transition
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Through documentary photo-essays, twelve Burmese photographers ‘frame’ the transition in  Myanmar: addressing some of the burning human rights issues confronting their country during this time of historic transition.

They give a powerfully intimate look at subjects as varied as migrant workers, rural poverty and inadequate education, land grabbing, environmental degradation, the lack of transitional justice, drug abuse, ethnic conflict, and LGBT rights. All stories told against the backdrop of a country trying to manage against the wave of economic globalization now pressing against its shores.

They show the persistent necessity of urgent change in Myanmar, a country beginning to emerge from its dark past.

Framing The Transition is the result of a workshop tutored by Czech/Canadian filmmaker Petr Lom and Dutch Photographer Dana Lixenberg.

The project is produced by Corinne van Egeraat of ZIN Productions, with production manager Constant van Panhuys.